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Building the Future has closed a Joint Venture contract, through the vehicle of Dalghias Development Srl., a Romanian incorporated limited liability company, with the municipality of Vama Buzaului to develop a high class condominium based on advanced durable principles and technologies and touristic facilities on 68 Ha's of pristine valley. The associated project is named Valley21.

Project Valley21 consists of two distinct phases:

1. The condominium - A very low density condominium on 50Ha of land ("commercial backbone" of the project)
The project will be unique in Europe in that it will be the first development of this size that will be completely off-grid, i.e. It will generate all the required electricity through photo-voltaic cells. The Villas of the condominium will be built with modern durable energy management systems like heat pumps, passive climate control. It will be durable with respect to material useIt will endeavor to establish local durable employment. The project will be unique in Romania in that it will apply new architecture to appeal to the next generation.

2. Valley21 - Village (a working / living / recreation destination)
Similar principles of durability will be applied as in the condominium It will include a Carpathian nature & ecology learning center An organic growth model will pursued. Space will be offered to those businesses that want to build on the value created (national attention, infrastructure, tourism generated). Only those businesses will be invited which add to the total collective value, ''building value on value'' Land will be offered at low price for living. Other businesses will be encouraged through conditions created (National exposure, Infrastructure, valley wide free broadband & IT support, a clear concept to identify with) Ultimately The Village is a place where conditions are being created, but how this effectuates itself will depend on natural development of what ''belongs in their''.

BLS Romania participate in this project providing legal and financial services, management and relationship management between Romanian and Dutch Partners.

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